Author name: Peatree Bojangles

Neon Waterfall

Neon Waterfalls

Sean Lenz and Kristoffer Abildgaard over at From The Lenz created these wonderful photographs, dropping glow-sticks down waterfalls, and standing back as the magic flowed.

Bill Murray’s New Beard

We all love Bill Murray (some more than others *points at self*), so are forever keen to hear what he’s been up to recently. Well you won’t be disappointed to hear that Bill’s sporting a new beard and it is utterly fantastic.

Most Popular Girls

The Most Popular Girls In School

On one of the many days I spent scrolling through Tumblr, unblinking, unmoving, probably scientifically dead, I came across this fabulous animation which reminds me of something Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s corrupted minds could have thought up.

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