Denzel Washington, Mila Kunis, Lily Allen And A Bunch Of Other Celebrities All Have Freaky Deformities

joaquin phoenix deformity

Celebrities are being scrutinised on a daily basis so we can read about it and judge them. Like this article. That’s right, lets sit and laugh at their deformities.

Being a celebrity means being scrutinised on a daily basis. If you’re wearing mis-matching socks, you’ll be on the cover of Hello magazine with ‘MENTAL BREAKDOWN IMMINENT’ as the caption. Despite this, I’ve decided to enjoy the problems celebrities have by pointing them out and telling you all about it. That’s right, lets sit and laugh at their deformities.

Joaquin Phoenix is a well known and terribly handsome actor, with a clear visible scar on his lip. A lot of people have speculated on what it actually is, and after some considerable scientific research done by myself and some very important scientists, we have concluded that he has a microform cleft (A minor cleft lip).

Someone who you would definitely not expect a deformity from is near perfect star Elizabeth Taylor, but because it’s Elizabeth Taylor, her deformity can only enhance her beauty, with like, I don’t know, extra eyelashes! Haha! Right? Right. That’s exactly her deformity. More eyelashes. It’s a genetic mutation at the FOXC2 gene, developed at birth, and is not in anyway harmful.


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