Twitter Helps Educate Our Young

Spelling Mistake

2nd graders in an Elementary School in New York have tested their own spelling and grammar by becoming grammar Nazis to NFL players on Twitter.

Spelling Mistake

We are a society obsessed with social interaction, but solely if this interaction doesn’t involve any touching or an actual enactment of emotions. We have finally evolved into the heartless cyborgs sci-fi has warned us about. While our faces are buried into our phones, our minds are wondering what to watch on Netflix later, as our hands slowly move to pick up an iPad which downloads the best illegal copy of Django we could find. This is true to most of society.

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On a brighter note, our obsession has created a pious, self centered epiphany; bad spelling and grammar = an idiot, therefore they must be mocked (remember, we lack empathy). A tyranny of ‘grammar Nazis’ began to invade our social circles, correcting every error we make and subsequently laughing at us.

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This has now thankfully evolved into a more positive structure, as 2nd graders in a Elmwood Franklin Elementary School in Buffalo, New York have tested on their own spelling and grammar by becoming grammar Nazis to NFL players on Twitter. Using a marker pens on printed out Tweets, they have highlighted the mistakes and re-written the correction underneath. This, one, helps our children learn how to write like a human being is intended to. Secondly it highlights the amount of sports personalities who have not had the luxury of a standard education due to America’s obsession with sports.

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Maybe they’ll get kids spell checking these blogs, next. If so, go away, I’m tired and my wine glass is empty.

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