Denzel Washington, Mila Kunis, Lily Allen And A Bunch Of Other Celebrities All Have Freaky Deformities

joaquin phoenix deformity

Celebrities are being scrutinised on a daily basis so we can read about it and judge them. Like this article. That’s right, lets sit and laugh at their deformities.

Mila Kunis, a woman created in perfect form, with a perfect body and a perfect smile, and good hair, brilliant eye brows. I could go on. In fact I will, her eyes are amazing, outlined with her signature smoky make-up. It’s only when your vision stops blurring while staring at her, unblinking, that you notice her eyes are so magnetic, because they are in fact unusal. Mila ‘suffers’ from heterochromia, a rare ailment in humans which makes one eye a different colour to the other (she has one brown, one green eye).


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