That Surprised Patrick Meme Is Actually Quite Funny



Surprised Patrick

Spongebob Squarepants is a part of everyone’s life, whether we like to admit it or not. Maybe you’re a fan, your siblings, your children. Or maybe your alter-ego who is scared of the possibility of being judged so lies on a daily basis, to the point where you’re shaving everyday despite the irritability because ‘bearded hipsters are fags’, gingerly kicking your brogues under the bed. You know who you are; the ones who say ‘Girls Aloud are a pile of shit’, but know all the words to Biology. Grumpy little fucks, unable to take a shred of happiness from this already failing world, because being accepting is seen as a weakness. Change is no longer a revolution, it’s a ‘a ballbag of hooves’. But I digress, this isn’t about you being miserable, it’s about my happiness. Me me me. Meme. (Clever girl).

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I’m not usually one for memes, as it becomes very repetitive very fast, but there’s something classically timeless about Patrick, opened mouth, screaming at nothing. Well, nothing at first, and then placed in compromising situations, he’s screaming at naked women, being Sharon Stone’s vagina and men twerking. Enjoy.

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Patrick 50 cent

Dark Knight Patrick

Tyra Patrick

Hangover Patrick

Minaj Patrick

Monsters Inc Patrick

Sex Patrick

Basic Instinct Patrick

Girls Patrick

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Patrick twerking



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