5 Places You Should Never Go

Thinking of a holiday? Well, here are some places you should never go. For the sake of your family’s life, just go to Majorca again.


Aokigahara Forest
Like Blair Witch Project, but actually real and not rubbish, Aokigahara Forest is a hot spot for suicides, (2nd after the Golden Gate Bridge). Over 500 people have killed themselves in this forest since the 1950s, apparently due to a book written by Seicho Matsumoto called ‘Tower of Waves’, although it is said that the suicides predate the book. It has gotten so bad, that the government have erected ‘happy signs’ with phrases such as ‘Think of your family’ and ‘Life is a precious thing!’

No one really knows why it happens, but it seems like the souls of the tortured are drawn there, by evil spirits or just pure darkness itself. This is probably the most haunted forest in the world. Don’t get lost in there. Especially with that tosspot from Blair Witch. You WILL kill yourself.

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