Denzel Washington, Mila Kunis, Lily Allen And A Bunch Of Other Celebrities All Have Freaky Deformities

joaquin phoenix deformity

Celebrities are being scrutinised on a daily basis so we can read about it and judge them. Like this article. That’s right, lets sit and laugh at their deformities.

Our last, but not least because god damn there are a hell of a lot of celebrities out there with deformities. For example, I found a Bollywood actor called Hrithik Roshan who has TWO THUMBS. You can see a normal thumb, and then another one sticking out of it. More importantly, Andy Garcia here was born with a conjoined twin about the size of a ball attached to his shoulder. The sibling was surgically removed, but a scar still remains on Andy’s shoulder to this day. Who would have thought.


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