Korea’s ‘We Do Photoshop’ Trolls



Last month a Facebook page was created called ‘We Do Photoshop‘, which requested people send in their photos for correction or retouching. What was received back from these people was far from their, or in fact anyone’s imagination, as this Korean website becomes one of the fastest and funniest trollers on the internet.

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Here are some requests and the outcome.

Someone has asked for their baby to look like he’s flying by ‘erasing’ the person holding him:

We Do Photoshop Original Baby

This is what they got in response:

We Do Photoshop Retouched Baby

This guy asked if they could get rid of the people in the background, and make it look more exciting as it’s an amusement park, after all:

We Do Photoshop Original DisneyLand

He got this:

We Do Photoshop Retouched DisneyLand

This oblivious fella asked to make it look like he’s eating something ‘no one else has ever eaten’:

We Do Photoshop Original Eating

No one saw this coming:

We Do Photoshop Retouched Eating



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