Korea’s ‘We Do Photoshop’ Trolls

We Do Photoshop

Here’s what happens when Korea rocks out with Photoshop.

This guy asked for the person in the glass reflection, taking the photo to be removed:

We Do Photoshop Original Booth

He got this:

We Do Photoshop Retouched Booth

And my favourite, this also:

We Do Photoshop Retouched Booth 2

A guy sent this in saying his mate just got hitched, so make it look ‘congratulatory’:

We Do Photoshop Original Married


We Do Photoshop Retouched Married

This poor guy specifically asks ‘Please put the pants over the socks to hide them. Also, recently I’ve been kind of down, so put some soju in front of me’.

We Do Photoshop Original Trousers

I can almost feel his heart sink as he sees this:

We Do Photoshop Retouched Trousers

Who sends in a photo of them yawning and asks for it to look more ‘dramatic’? This guy:

We Do Photoshop Original Yawn

Then he gets this:

We Do Photoshop Retouched Yawn

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