Can This Be Real? Glitchy Interior Designs By Ferruccio Laviani Look Like Something Your Computer Made

Ferruccio Laviani

Defying any kind of sense, as if it’s a computer glitch, architect Ferruccio Laviani has created ‘The Good Vibrations Storage Unit’ and now speculation has arisen about whether it’s real.

Ferruccio Laviani

For the 2013 Furniture Exhibition, architect Ferruccio Laviani has created ‘The Good Vibrations Storage Unit’, a glitch-like piece of furniture. Almost defying any scientific sense, this piece is a real life computer glitch – combining old with new, classic with technology. It will appear at Italy’s annual interior show Fratelli Boffi.

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There has been a lot of speculation about this photograph, people have been asking for proof that this kind of design is possible with photographs from different angles. I mean, seriously. Who can actually create this?! Photographers and retouchers have said it’s quite possibly a rendering and not the actual display.

All that has been said is that it will be displayed in April, and we are still awaiting news.

Ferruccio Laviani

When I went on the Boffi website and scanned through the images, I came across this:

Ferruccio Laviani

Not close enough to the same intensity of the original image released, but of the same ilk. Let’s hope that the image wasn’t a rendering, and they are just waiting for the big reveal.

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