We Got Really Stoned And Played Injustice For 6 Hours Straight: Here’s What We Thought

Sick Chirpse pulls on its red speedo’s and goes toe to toe with Injustice, a new fighting game from the makers of Mortal Kombat.


For those of you who didn’t know, Injustice came out last week to relatively little fanfare. It’s surprising that a bigger deal wasn’t made about the release. I mean a game where the super heroes of the DC Universe fight each other and is made by the Mortal Kombat developers is surely a big deal. This game should have been released with a brass band, a giant flash mob and doves being released John Woo style. But instead it’s sort of slipped into the giant black hole that often follows a big release like Bioshock Infinite.


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Story mode asks the question ‘what would happen if Superman lost the plot and started a totalitarian regime’. It then wimps out by putting the story in another universe that the regular heroes can go between, so that only the bad universe gets messed up and everything remains the same and totally fine in the regular universe. It annoys me when stories do this, like that bullshit fight scene in the last Twilight Film…wut?

A truly rewarding story is where there are consequences and when a hero’s choices – despite having good intentions – can have negative ramifications such as in The Dark Knight. And just in case your asking how would Batman be able to fight Superman; Well obviously special pills from Krypton, stupid.


The first thing that all game makers should note is that it’s all about pacing. So by putting the two poster boys of the DC universe in the tutorial was just ridiculous. Imagine planning exactly how your going to smash the big blue boyscout into next week; only to clumsily tap him on the chin as you try to get the three button combination correct for the 5th time.

The game play is good yet frustrating and only true fighting game aficionados will be able to master it, rarely did I stray from the standard X, X, Y combination or the special moves.

The attacks don’t look as powerful as you’d expect, except for when the super moves are unleashed. Essentially Mortal Kombats ‘X-Ray’ moves, they prove the point that you’ll never get tired of punching someone into the Sun.

One of the nice touches that has been added is the interactive scenery, and it feels good when you pick up a piano or punch someone through a house.

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Where Injustice really shines is in the multiplayer mode as this game is perfect for smashing your mate’s face in as you both grit your teeth and button mash your fingers into bloody stumps.

Online mode is a bit more troublesome. There’s a tendency towards online players standing the width of the screen away from each other and spamming specials moves at each other. It must be hard for someone who can do all the combos and all the fancy techniques to be beaten by left, right, X from across the room. This worryingly makes Aquaman one of the best characters in the game.


Although Injustice is an excellent idea, it could do with some tweaking.

The characters are supposed to be these larger than life super humans and the game doesn’t really convey that. They’re in these big three dimensional worlds with all this crazy stuff happening and the characters fight just like any other fighting game. Injustice is a good laugh to play, but I feel more could of been considering the source material. However, this is a good sign of things to come and no matter how frustrating, it’s well worth having in the back of your cupboard in case someone gets too cocky on Fifa.

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