The Dark Knight Rises Trailer: In LEGO


The Dark Knight Rises and LEGO were two of my favourite things from last year so why the hell haven’t I seen this yet huh?


I don’t know how I missed this because it came out about a month ago and normally when a trailer of something in LEGO comes out I am all over that shit like it’s going out of style because I’m big into LEGO and I’m big into LEGO versions of cool films/TV shows/events/whatever. It’s even more surprising because I was really stoked about The Dark Knight Rises  – so much so that I even saw it the day it came out at the cinema which is pretty much unheard of  for me these days, but then that was only because a couple of people asked me to go with them. I still went though and I guess that’s saying something. The movie was real good but it was kinda ruined because we went to a really crappy cinema where you couldn’t hear what the characters were saying half the time. It was a real bummer.

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But that isn’t really that relevant because I’m not reviewing the movie, I’m talking about the LEGO trailer to it. I’m just explaining that it would make perfect sense that I would have seen this and would have totally loved it almost as soon as it came out. But for some reason I didn’t and it’s taken almost a month for me to come across it, despite the fact that 2 million people have already checked it out. It’s pretty awesome – I love the way the mouths move on the LEGO guys when they’re talking but it’s pretty much just the trailer in its entirety. This is kind of cool, but you know The Lego Wire really set the bar high on these LEGO parodies and it’s nowhere near as good as that. It’s pretty impressive how they’ve managed to do the bridge exploding, the football field falling apart and the plane hijacking though, I’ll give them that. 

Check out the trailer below:

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