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Have you ever wondered what astronauts do, when no one is around — so, basically the entire time they’re floating around up there in their high-tech tin-can? Well, you see, whilst no one is around, and if they get out there’s no one to hear them scream, there is always someone listening, or at least recording, when they’re confined to their atmosphere-penetrating, space-travel shuttlecock.

NASA are keen to keep tabs on their spacemen doing their spacething, and it is for this reason that everything their astronauts say out in space is recorded, listened to and transcribed. Now, you might imagine there would be some profound realizations as these men and women leave not just home, but planet Earth and set adrift in space — especially in those very first space missions where they truly were boldly going where no man had gone before.

☛ The View From Space : What Does Earth Look Like From A Satellite?

Maybe there are lessons to be learned about space, time, our own planet, the nature of life and the universe itself, or even dramatic and amazing tales of adventure and misadventure in space, pushing technology and the reach of our species further into the unknown. However, consider this, what happens when you confine a very small group of people in a very small space for any amount of time; add in the fact that very small space is within the vast vacuum of actual space?

If you had answered; a lot of banter, plenty of nonsense, sexual innuendo, floating faeces, anguish and going a little stir crazy via orbital cabin fever. Then you would be bang on the money, and seeing as these transcripts  seem to be readily available for us earthbound cretin we are free to see the crazy we’re missing out on (HERE as an example), but no one wants to scrawl through all that really which is why we must be thankful that the Distractions in Space tumblr exists.

☛ Space Toilet Etiquette : In Space No One Can Hear You Poop

It’s taking some time but be they’re doing the hard work for you and have collected some great finds already. Also on Twitter to keep you up to date too.

where is the moon?

floating shit

distractions in space space bear

floating shit again

space bear

sexual griping

dirty talk

here comes the sun

shit around the sun

two minutes


still recording



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