Twilight Actor Gets Wasted And Urinates In The Middle Of LAX Airport


Sometimes there’s nothing better than a good old drunken celebrity story. This one’s even better than you’re average too because it features some dude from the crappy T.V. series ‘Twilight’ and involves him urinating in a busy airport terminal. Win!


Boy oh boy oh boy! I sure do love a good juicy story about drunken celebs, mainly because I’ve been in a blackout drunken state one too many times and have indeed done some very, very stupid things in my silly youth, so when I see someone else doing something equally as stupid it warms my heart. It especially warms my heart when that person is a celebrity, or a semi-celebrity which is what I’d guess you’d call this dude.

Bronson Pelletier (who apparently stars in Twilight) got mega drunk while waiting for his flight at LAX airport a few days ago. During his drunken black out state, Bronson whipped out his ding-dong and proceeded to urinate all over the carpet in the middle of a busy terminal. Upon sobering up, Bronson denied all accounts of his peeing incident, but as today’s day and age continues to prove, there is always someone hanging around with a sneaky smart phone ready to snap your drunken antics.

Now I don’t blame Bronson Pelletier for getting wasted, because sometimes waiting in airports/flying can be really boring, and it makes sense to have a few beers. But you just gotta make sure you keep your dick in your pants dude! It’s one of the few rules of being blackout drunk.

Here’s the footage:

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