Harlem Shake Vs Gangnam Style

Harlem Shake Vs Gangnam Style

Harlem Shake and Gangnam Style are probably two of the worst things to ever happen to the internet, but which is ACTUALLY the worst statistically? This infographic uses twitter data to try and figure it out.

Spartan High School Style

Gangnam Style Is Dead

Gangnam Style has been annoying everyone for a few months now, but this parody video is so terrible that it might actually cause everyone to stop banging on about it. Fingers crossed. This is Spartan High School Style!

Madonna Psy Gangnam Style

Madonna Performs Gangnam Style With Psy

Gangnam Style is the favourite dance of every celebrity who is trying to get down with the kids, so it’s no surprise that Madonna was recently caught performing it. She went one better though and roped PSY himself in to dance it with her.

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