People Are Awesome – The 2013 Follow Up Compilation

People Are Awesome

The worldwide internet famous ‘people are awesome’ compilation video is back with an updated 2013 version. Let’s get totally pumped for Wednesday! YEAH!

I assume that each and every one of you have seen the previous ‘people are awesome’ compilation videos. Well the last one received over 55 million views, so it was kind of a big deal. Almost a big of a deal as PSY and his 1 billion views, not quite, but almost. Well the previous ‘people are awesome’ compilation videos were basically 5 minutes or so of footage of people like you and me doing really awesome things. Things like jumping really high, or back flipping off a massive rock into some water, or pulling off a totally sick BMX trick, or skateboarding trick etc etc. You get the drift? It’s basically showing how god damn freaking awesome the human race can actually be when we don’t waste all of our time and energy doing stupid shit like going to war or getting wasted, you know, stupid things like that.

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Now don’t expect this video to do wonders. Yeah it’s cool but it’s no 4 hour work week. It’s probably not going to change your mindset and make you a super productive and motivated gym goer who’s now ready to go and smash all of their life targets but, it’ll sure get you pumped for a boring Wednesday at the office.

So here it is, the latest ‘people are awesome’ compilation, enjoy.

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