First There Was Gangnam Style, Now There Is Carrier Style

Carrier Style

China have ripped off Gangnam Style in a bid to go viral and created Carrier Style, which is a cross between Gangnam Style and a gesture two people working on their famous new aircraft carrier made over the weekend.

Carrier Style

In a move that stinks of ‘whatever you can do, we can do better’ style rivalry, the Chinese have adopted their own stupid viral dance and called it Carrier Style. Apparently this involves mimicking the movements made by the Liaoning aircraft carrier as some jets took off from it over the weekend. For some reason that I can’t comprehend this was a major event in China last weekend – I was kinda wasted all weekend so was it a big event over here or in the rest of the world too? Fill me in – and the images and videos were shown multiple times over the weekend which allowed everyone in China to get a good view of the ground crew who were doing some dumb Top Gun style pose. Check out the video of this jetplane taking off. It’s really boring:

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So yeah, the Chinese – who are clearly all weird -thought that the the pose the ground crew were making was really awesome and decided to combine the pose with moves from Gangnam Style to come up with their own signature dance called Carrier Style, which is probably the lamest name for anything ever in the history of style. Since the first Carrier Style video was uploaded there have been literally millions and millions of uploads, with 8 million happening on the first day and people from all walks of life including businessmen, firemen, athletes and students were spotted uploading videos in what appears to be a desperate attempt for international relevance from the Chinese.

The site that I read about this story on had a bunch of dumb interviews with people that we clearly not that important in China who they just found on the street talking about how important they feel Carrier Style is going to be for the future of China or whatever. Hu Yang who is a fireman from Chengdu offered the following statement:

‘The successful taking off and landing of the jet on the aircraft carrier is very exciting to our entire nation, it has also encouraged our firefighters, Doing this is to enrich our cultural life and is an entertainment for our spare time’

whereas Han Lu, who runs a really popular car website over in China had the following to say:

‘Although the gesture has often been seen in movies, I couldn’t restrain my excitement the first time I saw it used to instruct a fighter jet to land and take off from China’s first aircraft carrier’

and the Chinese equivalent of twitter seem to think that it’s actually a ‘powerful and confident gesture, as well as being amusing.’ It seems as though it’s the most important thing to ever happen in China from the sound of things, but it sounds to me like they’re just trying really hard to MAKE it a huge thing because they’re jealous of Gangnam Style and how much of a worldwide phenomenon that is. Well get a clue China, even though I’m writing it I doubt that Carrier Style will ever be as popular as Gangnam Style and there are a couple of reasons for this:

First of all, Carrier Style is nowhere near as cool (cool?!?! Maybe the wrong word) as Gangnam style as it doesn’t have a cool video and a cool dude like PSY dancing it and shouting random words. It also doesn’t even have a song. I can’t believe I just typed cool so many times in a  It’s a good effort by the Chinese to upload 8 million videos of it in a day sure, but come on, there is no way it’s ever going to be as big as Gangnam style because that is THE MOST WATCHED VIDEO ON YOUTUBE and Carrier Style doesn’t even have an official video, just a load of shitty self made ones that are really lame. Even combined I doubt they would ever get as many views as Gangnam Style. In short, I imagine that everyone except the Chinese (but probably the Chinese too) will have forgotten about Carrier Style within about a week whereas everyone will still be banging on about PSY and doing that stupid dance at selected occasions like BBQ’s and pool parties for the next five years or so.

Today is all about Carrier Style though so here’s what you’ve been waiting this whole post for – a bunch of videos of Chinese people doing Carrier Style. It’s your lucky day I guess. The second video really does illustrate how lame it is because it’s just a bunch of stills of people doing it without even any music. It’s like come on guys if you want something to go viral you could at least make an effort, y’know?

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