PSY vs Ghostbusters Remix


Gangnam Style is annoying and shit. Ghostbusters is awesome. But pair the two and you have a quality remix to start your weekend.

I dunno about you but that Gangnam Style song has really done my tits in. I mean, even my nipples have turned inwards because of the amount we’re subjected to that shit song and, now, they both look like ugly belly-buttons instead of the glorious pepperoni slices they once resembled. Where has the good music gone? You know, like Boyzone or Scooter or Leann Rimes? It turns me sick and I’m running out of Calpol. Get me some help. Or booze.

Even though the fvcking song has almost squashed my caveman-like brain into a horrible little peach stone, the fact that a remix has been made with Gangnam Style and the Ghostbusters theme tune does sort of alleviate my repugnant disgust because the Ghostbusters are cool as fvck and ushered me through my boring childhood. C’mon, how can a programme with a character as beautiful as Slimer be anything short of quality? Exactly. It can’t. The theme tune still ruins Gangnam style all over the place but the two of them combined, I hate to say, pretty much works and will be an awesome Halloween party tune, or a tune to whack on while you’re cutting your pubes to get ready for the Sick Chirpse party.

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And it’s not really surprising that it works when you realise that the remix was created by FAROFF – a remix artist who has created remixes as awesome as this:

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