Psy Lookalike Goes To Cannes & Monaco Grand Prix, Fools Everyone


Dennis Carre from Ireland stuck on some cheap shades and spoke with a fake Korean accent to get inside the Cannes Film Festival and Monaco Grand Prix.

Who says racism can’t be a good thing? 34-year-old Dennis Carre from Ireland showed up to the Cannes Film Festival and Monaco Grand Prix with a pair of cheap sunglasses and a fake Korean accent and ended up drinking for free all night. He had security following him everywhere, and left with a ton of freebies and goodie bags. All because people think Koreans all look the same.

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Using the same racist theory, all I need is to sort out my six-pack, get a dodgy haircut and carry some Kleenex around with me and everyone will think I’m Peter Andre! Do people want Peter Andre at Cannes?

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Dennis is looking to get work as a PSY impersonator, and this is as good a CV as you can get.


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