Sir Alex Ferguson Does Gangnam Style

Alex Ferguson Gangnam Style

Even the elder statesman of football himself has gotten all wrapped up in the internet craze that is taking over the world.

Alex Ferguson Gangnam Style

You probably wouldn’t have expected someone like Sir Alex Ferguson to get wrapped up in some shortlived craze like Gangnam Style, let alone be filmed doing it and to be fair you would be absolutely correct because this isn’t actually a video of the real Sir Alex Ferguson doing Gangnam Style, it’s just a video that someone has made where they’ve stuck various expressions of Alex Ferguson’s head on PSY from the Gangnam Style video. That doesn’t really sound that funny and isn’t something I would normally post on Sick Chirpse but when you actually watch the video for some reason it’s way funnier than any video where people have just photoshopped other people’s heads really badly onto an original video has any right to be. There’s just something about seeing Alex Ferguson’s stern and angry face being completely rigid whilst his body does the Gangnam Style dance that just completely cracks me up, and I’m sure you’ll agree when you watch it. There are also a bunch of cameos of other ‘faces’ from Manchester United’s history such as Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and

So yeah, this video is a laugh and it’s Christmas so I couldn’t really be assed to find anything with more substance to it. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did, and when you see Fergie huffing and puffing and moaning about dumb stuff like how Van Persie could have been killed because somebody kicked a ball in his face, just imagine him dancing Gangnam Style again and he’ll instantly be less annoying and less of a prick. If only he would do it in real life though, now that would be a damn good video. Hope you’re enjoying your Boxing Day.

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