Madonna Performs Gangnam Style With Psy

Madonna Psy Gangnam Style

Gangnam Style is the favourite dance of every celebrity who is trying to get down with the kids, so it’s no surprise that Madonna was recently caught performing it. She went one better though and roped PSY himself in to dance it with her.

Madonna Psy Gangnam Style

I still haven’t really got to grips with Gangnam Style and Psy and what the hell it is all about and why it’s so massive, but from what I can tell Psy just seems like some idiot South Korean pop artist who got pretty lucky because he made a stupid dance. If you look at the Wikipedia page for Gangnam Style then it actually tells you that it’s the most liked video ever on YouTube and has also been described as a ‘force for world peace’ by the UN Secretary General. Yeah, it’s no coincidence that he’s from South Korea or anything, and their best export before that was probably Park Ji Sung so they’re obviously desperate for something to take off because that didn’t exactly go down so well, especially now he’s playing for QPR (is he even actually playing for QPR?). In any case, Gav said that Gangnam Style was the key to preventing an Asian invasion a while back which was sort of like saying it was a force for world peace if you read the article so I think Sick Chirpse has the lockdown on that idea Mr Secretary General.

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Anyway, I’m sure everyone who is reading this already knows all about Gangnam Style because it’s fvcking ridiculously huge and there’s like no getting away from it, whatsoever. Over the past few months loads of celebrities have been doing it – from Neymar to David Cameron – because everyone loves Gangnam style and these celebrities just want to seem like they were down with the kids and world peace or whatever Gangnam style is actually trying to promote. So it should have really been obvious that it was only a matter of time before the woman who is the MOST DESPERATE to be down with the kids ever and not fade into obscurity like it seems she might, Madonna, would start doing Gangnam style. Only she went one better and actually got PSY to come out during one of her shows at Madison Square Garden and perform the Gangnam style dance with her. Obviously the audience – which was probably almost universally made up of gay people – lapped this shit up and loved it, but everyone else who watches it will probably just be like ‘Jesus Christ when is Madonna just going to fvck off’ or ‘why the hell does Madonna have to ruin everything.’ I guess it’s arguable that Gangnam style was already pretty terrible, but here’s betting that it isn’t the force for world peace that it once was Madonna has become associated with it. In fairness she pulls off the dancing pretty well but it’s just Madonna right? Girl just needs to realise she’s 50 or whatever and should just be chilling rather than constantly trying to reinvent herself or whatever.

Check the video below, it’s actually kinda fun, especially when PSY comes out from underneath the stage on one of those platforms, and when Madonna and him go through each other’s legs:

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