Author name: Will Redemption

The Book Of Mormon: Was It Any Good?

If you haven’t heard of The Book Of Mormon’s then you must be a curmudgeon and a troglodyte, which I truly believe, dear readers, you are not. And if we are all really Brothers and Sisters here at Sick Chirpse, then we must all have been excited by the announcement of this Theatre Production.

The Future Of Levitation

Quantum Levitation is a process of using superconductors to expel magnetic fields and electricity in order allow an object to levitate. Ok this is actually incorrect, the proper term in this instance is not levitate but in fact, Quantum Locking but we’ll get to that shortly.

Miami Swag

The Boys Of Summer Are Back

Great Scott! We’ve gone back to the 1980’s. The dress code is radiculous, the women are unkempt but luckily that’s it for thatch as Mrs Thatcher aint on the scene because we’ve travelled back to Miami.

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