Steve-O The Dumbest Asshole in Hip Hop

Steve-O The Biggest Asshole In Hip Hop

Last week the Internet saw an insight into Steve-O, but what we did not see through all the bong smoke was Steve-O’s Music Video ‘Crack Cocaine’ from his short Rap career. Here it is.

Steve-O The Biggest Asshole In Hip Hop

Last week the Internet saw an insight into the NOS sucking, septum destroying, and bedsit trashing rock and roll world of a Jackass. One of my favourite Jackasses Steve-O, shares his decline to rock bottom from substance abuse over the course of his stunt, skateboarding, clown-college and Television and Film career.

If you have some sort of structured life or commitments to a 9-5 job I am sure you would have not indulged yourself in watching the entire 45 min documentary. After all we all know YouTube is for 5 minute videos of bread headed cats and teat suckling teenagers filming water balloons explode on their daddies high frame rate, more expensive than a space shuttle, camera.

I, thank goodness could afford myself the time to watch this documentary and I happened to like it. I happened to enjoy Steve-O losing his marbles in his apartment, stuffing his speakers into a makeshift hole in the wall to disrupt his neighbour’s sleeping patterns. I felt waves of giggles from the exorcist tones of a dribbling man mess, slumped in a pile of K-hole and NOS canisters. He was and is hilarious, however of course the film was dark and disturbing. He impressed me though. His fair and honest portrait of himself in the interviews while in recovery was harrowing to watch at times. One of the first things he says in introducing the documentary is that this is “An incredibly difficult process of showing the world how bad my drug and alcohol addiction got” — something I feel sets the tone for his responsible and honest outlook on his recovery. However one other thing he says very early on, something I had never heard of before, was that he has a rap album coming out.

Oh my dayz! Steve-O has a rap album. Well, this I need to check out.

This was a saga in his life that had bypassed me. I am pretty certain it bypassed the entire globe. There were a few sections of his rapping in the documentary, all hinting at how awful he is at it. But I wanted more. Good ol YouTube, you can trust YouTube to deliver the goods.

So for your morbid curiosity and vague pleasure of watching a grown man say “Don’t waste your time, take a rock to the brain” while smiling insanely this is one of the tracks from his album ‘Steve-O — The Dumbest Asshole in Hip Hop’. With less than 12,000 hits on this video not a great many people have probably ever seen his attempt at rap in full. Until now. You can thank me later. Or YouTube, you are probably better off thanking them. They’re awesome.

You can also still buy this album from Amazon in case you love it, I would read the reviews first though. All two of them.

Here it is, Steve-O’s Music Video for ‘Crack Cocaine’

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