What Happens When A Truck Carrying A Load Of Paint Gets Hit By Another Truck?

If you don’t like the colour yellow, look away now.

We’ve covered a lot of car accidents over the years. There’s nothing funny about them at all. Despite being a daily occurrence, no one likes a pile up, that’s a fact. Even if no one is injured it will completely ruin your day and probably massacre your bank balance into the bargain.

Having said that, this one is actually pretty funny. No one was hurt, which helps. Basically, a truck smashed into the back of a municipal truck carrying paint for road markings and this is the aftermath.

The driver in the rear truck has never been so yellow in his life and probably never will be again. He doesn’t look like he enjoys being yellow at all.

Yellow a-go-go:

See? Pretty funny really. The yellow driver was obviously pretty jazzed off about being so yellow all of a sudden, but at least he didn’t get stung to bits by a butt load of bees after the accident like those poor girls.


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