Here’s Why Couples Should Smoke Weed Together

Couples Smoking Weed Together

Apparently it’s clinically proven to make your relationship better.

On 4/20, the stereotype of the lazy chilled out stoner is probably as its most prevalent, as people all over the world descend on their local parks and lie around getting baked.

However, it’s also another trait of the stoner that they’re probably a lot more peaceful than people that spend their weekends sinking tins of Stella Artois. Sure, this might be because they’re too baked to actually do anything other than just lie their chilling out, but it does actually ring true which is important in this context.

A recent study has found that couples that smoke weed together are less likely to be involved in domestic violence with each other. Whilst that might be obvious again, the fact that now there’s empirical evidence to back it up only makes the option more attractive. If your girlfriend doesn’t like you getting high, show her this video and then try and convince her to join you to celebrate 4/20. It could be the start of something beautiful.

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