Behind The Scenes Photos From The Original Star Wars Death Star Scenes

Those epic Death Star scenes from 1977 still look amazing today.

The first Star Wars movie came out in 1977, since then everyone in the universe has watched it and the vast majority have loved it. Even the original concept art is mind-blowing. A lot of films (especially sci-fi films) age pretty badly and it’s only a matter of time before the special effects look pretty shonky. Star Wars is a different story though. Yes, there’s no high brow CGI of course, but the way it’s filmed somehow allows you to revel in the action without going “LOL! Look at the strings!”

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Here are a bunch of photos from the epic end game in Star Wars where the Death Star is finally brought to its knees. It’s amazing how low-fi the set up is when you consider how awesome those last scenes are.

Well done George Lucas. You are a winner. Check these out over the following slides:

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