Dickhead Driver Causes Threeway Freeway Crash With Tanker

First rule of motorway driving: don’t be a dickhead.

Dashcam footage is all over the shop now and it proves what we already knew – loads of motorists are utter pillocks. The following footage is a perfect demonstration of how to be a dickhead and ruin everyone’s day.

In this clip a black sports car thing (I don’t know much about cars) cuts up a van-type vehicle. The van man is clearly jazzed off about the dangerous intrusion, so he blocks Le Coque Sportif in. This stops the sportsy-man from turning up the speed in an effort to make up for whatever he’s missing in the pants draw.

This is fine and well until the sports guy decides he simply can’t wait to get past any longer, so he does a dickhead maneuver.

Look and learn people:

The moral of the story:  always buckle up, and don’t be such a dickhead on the roads. It’s dangerous. Yeah?


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