Notorious Anti-Vaxxer Piers Corbyn Ruthlessly Exposed In YouTube Prank Video

Surprise surprise.

Everyone is talking about the vaccine at the moment and whether it’s effective and whether or not people should be required to have vaccine passports to do certain things etc and one of the most vocal critics in this country has been Piers Corbyn but guess what? He’s more than willing to lay off one vaccine manufacturer if they hand over £10,000 to him. Typical.

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Archie Manners and Josh Pieters are well known for their YouTube pranks where they set up famous people to look completely and utterly stupid and they’ve completely gazumped Piers Corbyn in the one below, sorting out a meeting with him and getting him to agree to not discredit the AstraZeneca vaccine and take aim solely at Pfizer and Moderna in exchange for £10,000. It’s actually a great piece of trolling and well worth eight minutes of your time to watch the whole thing:

Lol. It wasn’t even an issue for Piers to lay off Astra Zeneca in exchange for the money and at one point he even started making a list of all the benefits of the Astra Zeneca vaccine. So morally bankrupt.

I know that he says that he’ll only agree to do it if they’re not expecting any changes in his overall policy and I suppose you can argue that these two guys have edited the video to make him look even worse, but even so I don’t think there’s any way you can say that this guy isn’t completely and utterly exposed as a man who will sell his soul to the highest bidder after seeing this one. Kinda have to question why he’s campaigning so vehemently against vaccines as well when it’s that easy to buy his silence. £10,000 isn’t even that much for a political campaigner, right? Very dubious of the guy.

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