The Snowbombing 2016 Mad Max Road Trip’s Set To Be All Kinds Of Ridiculous Mayhem

Snowbombing keeps getting better and better. Now even the journey there is awesome.

The Snowbombing behemoth is almost upon us my friends. This year’s cavalcade of madness runs from the 4th to the 9th of April. So, basically, it’s on the doorstep. With acts including The Prodigy, Andy C and Fatboy Slim, everyone is already convinced Snowbombing 2016 is going to be a banger and a half. To be fair, it always is.

Snowbombing’s home – in Mayerhofen, Austria –  is about as picturesque and impressive as it gets. Who wouldn’t want to get off their nuts in an Alpine village with mountains as the backdrop? Hmmmm? Tell me… who wouldn’t like that? No one, that’s who. Beers in the woods with thudding tunes in your face? Yes, please. A giant igloo filled with sub bass? Yes, please.

Snowbombing seem to have got all their bases covered, and this year, they have invented new bases, and got them covered too. These guys are on the ball.

Normally, the worst thing about a festival is the journey there. You just desperately want to arrive so you can get into the party vibe, relax and bust off some steam. Yup, the drive there can feel like a decade, and you’re guaranteed to fall out with everyone else in the car because you’re all so jazzed off with the boredom.

Idris Elba // Snowbombing 2015

That’s not the case with Snowbombing though, they’ve got it covered. It’s weird actually, they seem to have got every single aspect completely sealed. It’s pretty impressive. I mean, I know they’ve been in the game for a little while now, but jeeeez they’re nailing it so hard right now.

For instance, there’s ski lift karaoke, warm down routines from Mr Motivator, chairlift speed dating, street parties and pool parties… basically a load of extras you would never have thought of, all of which fit the bill perfectly. Kudos to you Snowbombing, kudos.

I digress… I was talking about the journey to the festival, and how, traditionally, it is a time when everything is shit and no one likes each other any more. Well, Snowbombing is different, it has two options – flight or drive. You knew that already, but the drive option has just been made a shit tonne more interesting. Rather than a sedate pootle through continental backwash, it has become reinvented as a Mad Max-themed two-day road trip across Europe.

So, rather than catching a flight, where you have to… well… ascend to 30,000 feet and have a 98% chance of dying, you can chill on a road trip dressed as a steampunk nut job instead.

Danny North - Fat Boy Slim __ Snowbombing 2015 - 1cd8fc38-df56-11e4-a058-7ad1c200b233 - Original

The road trip will consist of 500 cars and, this year, it’s taking a new route. The waggon train will be snaking its way through Europe making a stop off in Karlsruhe, Germany, a destination world-renowned for epic parties and massive beers.

The mighty Mad Max missionaries will enjoy the sights and sounds of Karlsruhe, knocking back as many multiple beers as they fancy before heading back to the luxurious 4* Radisson Blu Hotel to get some well-needed sleepy times. Or, if you’re some sort of weird sadist, you can use their gym.

Karlsruhe has the party vibe, as discussed, but it also has some shizzle for the peeps who want to chill a bit before the onslaught of the festival. Karlsruhe has museums, art galleries, cafes, a world-famous zoo and all the stuff you need to unwind before rapidly winding it all back in again. If you’re feeling a little more heavy metal, you can visit their neo-Gothic Grand Ducal Burial Chapel; built between 1889 and 1896, it’s a mausoleum in the woods. Spooky AF.

The drive itself will be epic beyond measure. Beautiful Euro-views all the way, from forests to mountains, valleys to lakes. Hey, you might even catch sight of a heron or two if you’re lucky. The Mission to the Mountains road trip is not to be missed.

Jenna Foxton - Rudimental __ Snowbombing 2015 - 9d0d214c-dfd1-11e4-bf0a-7ad1c200b233 - Original

The cost is just £299 per car, which is a bit of a bloody bargain when you consider it includes return ferry tickets, departure breakfast and send-off party, awesome flags and decal stickers to brand each vehicle, an official road trip manual including routes, tasks and activities, Pit Stop Party access on Saturday’s stop-over complete with complimentary food, drinks and renowned DJ sets, breakfast in Radisson Blu to pump you up for the last leg of the journey, guaranteed ticket to the Mad Max welcome reception, entry into the awards ceremony with welcome drinks as well as a few extras and goodies thrown in for good measure! Each package bought automatically secures a room at the Radisson Blu. Prices are: €65 for single rooms with breakfast. €80 double room with breakfast.


But, the positions are limited to a cool 500 places, and they’re expecting to sell out pretty quick, as per usual. So gather your crew and get booked!


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