PHOTOS: Is The PH1 Penthouse In NYC The Best Apartment Ever?

PH1 Penthouse

On the market for a cool $23 million, it had better be.

One day, when I’ve got $23 million in the bank (so probably pretty soon) I think I’d like to move into a place like the PH1 penthouse in the West Chelsea district of New York City. Although these are only renderings and not actual photographs of the interior, it still looks like a fucking dope place to chill or even have a party.

The penthouse itself covers 3598 square foot, has 22 foot high ceilings, 3 bedrooms and an 80 foot front window looking over the Hudson River. Not bad. However, the absolute piece de resistance of this place is that it also has what they’re terming a ‘Sky Garage’ where you can park your car inside the flat, courtesy of an elevator that transports you from the pavement to the apartment in under 60 seconds.

Quite why you would want to do that – other than to commit suicide in completely spectacular fashion by driving it through that 80 foot wide window – is another matter, but hey at least your baby is right there next to you all the time hey? Hopefully this place will stay on the market until the time I become a multimillionaire.

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