40 Year Old Miley Cyrus Fan Has 22 Miley Cyrus Tattoos

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There’s really liking a band/artist, then there’s being obsessed with a band/artist and then there’s whatever the hell this is.

40-year-old Carl McCoid is so into Miley Cyrus that he’s decided to get over 22 tattoos of her – or things related to her – all over his body.

Carl says that he’s been into Miley since 2009, when he first heard her music and started his weird behaviour by collecting pictures of her and watching loads of interviews with her. It’s also worth remembering at this point that Miley was only just 17 which makes his behaviour a little bit more creepy.

This later led to McCoid getting a bunch of tattoos of her and her lyrics all over his body despite having no ink prior to this. He described this as a ‘natural progression’ – which just sounds completely wrong to me. Carl doesn’t think that his obsession with the singer had anything to do with the collapse of his marriage, although he does admit that his wife thought it was a little weird. Right.

Apparently Miley Cyrus herself has heard of Carl’s tattoos and his obsession with her and her reaction was to say that it made her feel ‘creeped’. McCoid doesn’t show any signs of stopping though – even though the object of his obsession clearly thinks that his behaviour is borderline psychotic – and he’ll probably have 22 more tattoos of her this time next year. What a complete weirdo.

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