Watch This Ex-Glamour Model YouTube Tutorial On How To Perform A Semen Facial

Tracy Kiss

This takes disgusting to another level.

People post some weird shit on YouTube these days: whether it’s blowing up your own son, or else teaching people how to perform sexual acts, sometimes these weird fuckers just can’t help themselves. And beauty blogger Tracy Kiss is apparently no different. She recently posted a tutorial instructing ladies on the correct way to receive a semen facial and, unfortunately, it’s even weirder than it sounds.

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Tracy – aged 28, from Buckinghamshire – is no stranger to the camera. As an ex-glamour model she has frequently been involved with risque projects, one of which involved her sending topless photos to people who donated to her fundraising campaign. A method which saw her booted off of several popular fundraising platforms for using her lady goods to encourage people donate. But this latest publicity stunt blows that out of the water. She took to Youtube this week to discuss her skin condition which apparently leaves her with red and sore skin on her face – and to explain the years of suffering it has inflicted upon her, both in the form of general discomfort but also bullying.

Tracy Kiss

Thankfully that torturous period of her life is over, all thanks to a simple pot of man juice. That’s right – good old fashioned, pure and untampered spunkedy spunk. Slathered all over her face and left to soak into her pores, delightful aye?

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As a single mum, Tracy struggles to achieve a regular supply of the white stuff, but the resourceful young business mind that she is; you can bet she has a solution to that. In the video, she describes how a male friend jerks into a takeaway pot before delivering his jizz to her bright and early each morning. All fresh and ready to be splashed on her rosy cheeks. Check out the video below:

I don’t mind the smell of semen, I think it’s something that’s quite a natural smell and I have no aversion to it.

Well that’s lucky I guess, it might have made the process of dipping your fingers into the shit and applying it directly next to your nose a little more tricky if you did. Seriously, what is this video? How did she even discover this was a thing? Actually, I think we can all work that one out.

Although, if sperm is now good for your face; it might explain what these two were up to when they were caught getting down in public. As nice as it is to have clear skin, if this is what it takes I think I’ll stick with my acne. Thanks anyway, Trace.


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