This Guy Was Shot Dead While Testing A Bulletproof Vest

Surely there are other ways to test that?

If you really feel the inclination to find out if a bulletproof vest still works, it’s probably not the best idea to put it on and get someone to shoot you to try and figure it out.

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Unfortunately though, that’s exactly what 23-year-old Joaquin Mendez did over in Tampa on Saturday night. He put the bulletproof vest on before wondering out loud whether it still worked. Mendez’s 24-year-old cousin Alexandro Garibaldi obliged him by saying ‘let’s see’, pulling out a gun and shooting him square in the stomach.

Clearly the bulletproof vest was old and out of date, as the bullet went straight through it and into Mendez’s chest. He was found outside his house by the ambulance but died after he had been taken to hospital.


Garibaldi initially told police that he found his cousin wounded outside after hearing a gunshot, but changed his story after a witness came forward and told the cops what really happened. He’s currently being held on a manslaughter charge at the jail and doesn’t have set bail terms. The bulletproof vest was found in his house with a bullet hole in it. RIP Joaquin Mendez.

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