Pregnant Wife Gave Oral Sex To Husband In Westfield Shopping Centre While Their Kids Looked On

10/10 parenting.

A pregnant woman who gave her husband oral sex by the lifts at Westfield Shopping Centre while their kids looked on has been banned from coming back to London for 2 months, alongside her husband, after they were caught in the act.

Akeela Ali and her husband Fahad Bilal say “it just happened” after they got carried away with the romance of it all. Westfield isn’t that romantic though surely?

The couple – both from Newport in South Wales – had driven down to west London for a day trip with their two kids, aged three and five. They let the kids run off and play while they got it on on the sofa next to the lifts, and even when the kids interrupted, they continued. It was all caught on CCTV. Nasty.


Apparently the CCTV caught footage of the woman’s head bobbing up and down, as well as her hand performing an up and down motion around his crotch. At the end of it, she spat into a tissue and threw it into a plant pot in the shopping centre’s lift lobby lounge. Not bait at all then.

They told Hammersmith Magistrates court today that they “thought about stopping” but continued anyway. Representing themselves, the mother’s defence was mainly based on her hormones being all over the place as she’s pregnant, although they both accepted what they did was totally wrong.

In summing up, the judge said:

You understand the seriousness of this is because you are in public, your children are there, other people’s children are there. Fortunately I have been told no one in particular has seen it, but you are the adult and you should know better.

I’m going to exclude you from coming within the M25 for eight weeks.

Probably the worst bit of parenting we’ve seen since this Granddad left his granddaughter alone in the desert with a gun.


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