PETA Activists Superglue Themselves To Starbucks To Protest… Vegan Milk Costing A Bit More

Everything costs a little bit more these days, even vegan milk. Looks like the people at PETA aren’t having it though, sending a couple of their soldiers to a Starbucks in Seattle, where they superglued themselves to the counter…

Well it was a valiant effort, but all they managed to do was irrirate a couple of baristas who are just trying make minimum wage grinding coffee beans at Starbucks. Police turned up shortly after and removed the demonstrators, with two of them now facing charges of theft and destruction of property. Result?

In fairness to PETA, Starbucks already dropped the extra fee for plant-based milk in the UK in December last year, so I guess it is annoying for American customers who still have to pay 70 cents more for almond, soy, coconut and oat milk.

PETA even called out Starbuck’s former CEO Kevin Johnson, who received a $60 million payout, that they said could have covered the 70 cent charge on vegan milk for more than 85 million drinks…

In any case, I’m not sure why activists think supergluing themselves to things is the best way to get their point across. What would happen if everyone just ignored them? They’d be forced to stand around awkwardly with their hand superglued to a table and no access to the toilet or food (unless they order from the company they’re protesting against). Can someone at least make sure they’re using vegan glue at these protests? Would be quite the scandal if they weren’t.

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