Watch Phoenix Police Officers Shoot A Man Who Pretended He Had A Gun

Not again.

If there’s one thing that we’ve seen less of in the past few months following the George Floyd incident then it’s unlawful police shootings, but it turns out that they’re still going on – maybe they’re just not as publicised as they once were.

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The footage below comes from over in Phoenix, when a bunch of cops straight up lit up a dude who pretended that he had a gun on Monday December 28th. The police were replying to a 911 call about the caller’s ex boyfriend Jordan Crawford hanging around the patio at her apartment.

The police found the guy hanging around the street nearby with his hand in his waistband and he then said he was armed and talked about people getting shot. Sadly, the police then decided that they had no choice but to plough him with bullets as they thought he might be a threat to them.

Take a look at the video and see what you think, but obviously this features a man getting shot to death so don’t press play if that’s going to upset you:

Damn. No gun was recovered at the scene so Crawford was definitely lying about having a weapon.

I guess when you take everything into account here, the shooting was actually kind of justified because the guy did look like he had a gun and literally announced that he was counting down to when he was going to unleash it and fire at the policemen.

However at the same time, if this wasn’t taking place in America then the officers probably would have tasered him or similar and he would have been incapacitated and wouldn’t have paid for having a (probably drunken) meltdown about his ex girlfriend and argument with the cops with his life. This guy was undeniably being a belligerent prick, but I’m not so sure if those actions should have cost him his life. Think about it.

RIP Jordan Crawford.

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