This Woman Found A Hidden Camera In Her Travelodge Shower Connected To The Caretaker’s Closet

Travelodge Guest Hidden Camera

Another reason to never stay in a Travelodge.

Travelodge has a pretty bad reputation as a hotel chain (if you can even call it a hotel) as it regularly attracts horrible grimy stag dos and basically anyone that can’t really afford a decent room anywhere because it’s so cheap.

There’s now another reason to never set foot anywhere near one of these establishments though, and it’s because one woman found a hidden camera in the shower which was connected to the caretaker’s closet. 23 year old Harmony Hachey was staying in the Oxford Travelodge whilst she was in the area doing some work for her job as a food festival business development executive.

It was on the first of my three nights. We had had a long day at work and went back to the hotel to have a shower.

I put all my luggage down, checked into the room, got myself ready for a shower and as I got ready for the shower I noticed a vent next to the shower head.

It looked a little suspicious to me, like a camera, but I tried to convince myself that I was crazy and that it wasn’t the case so I continued to have a shower and got it over as quickly as possible because I wanted to investigate what was in the vent.

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Camera In Vent

When I got out of the shower I poked around in the vent a little bit and the camera was being held up by white tape and it looked like it was trying to be hidden.

I pulled the tape away and it was blatantly obvious it was a camera pointing at me while I was showering.

I was absolutely disgusted. I got a fork and stuck it in the vent.

You could see so clearly it was a camera.

I broke down at one point. I just felt so violated.

Absolutely gross and creepy. Harmony tried to book another room somewhere in the area but none were available so she instead just switched rooms in the Travelodge. Fortunately this one appeared not to be bugged in any way.

Travelodge have offered her a full refund and apology and are now investigating the matter alongside the police. I’m not really sure why it’s taking them so long to figure out what’s going on – it seems clear that one of the people working as a caretaker there probably set it up so he can perv on guests right?

Unfortunately this kind of thing seems to be happening more and more, with this creepy New York landlord recently being arrested for installing hidden cameras in the rooms that he rented to hot women.


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