Here’s What’s Going To Go Down In ‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 7



‘Game of Thrones’ is probably the best show on television at the moment. Yeah, I know you guys love ‘The Great British Bake Off‘, and yeah, I know how much you all miss ‘Breaking Bad‘, but it just doesn’t get much better than watching medieval-esque geopolitics play out in front of you. Combine that with dragons, magic and zombies and it’s pretty much the best of both worlds, especially considering the huge budget, top cast and impeccable production quality.


That being said, the longer than usual hiatus between season 6 and season 7 has got us a little angsty, as we’re pretty much desperate to see what plays out after the unbelievably intense season finale back in June. Basically, everyone is gasping for any fresh GoT material to absorb through the skin and help stave of the shakes until August. So, here are a few predictions we made for season 7 and fair warning, they’re probably going to be wrong. This is GoT after all.

Prediction 1) At the start of S7 Euron Greyjoy and Daenerys are going to have a massive naval battle.

Danny needs an obstacle to get between her and Westeros, she can’t just rock up well-rested at King’s Landing having crossed the Narrow Sea like a P&O ferry.  Something has to happen, and I think that something is going to be Euron Greyjoy. If you can’t remember, he’s that swagging pirate who turns up at the Iron Islands, throws Baelon off a bridge and then beats Yara in the GoT equivalent of a rap battle to become the Drowned King. Yara and Theon take his best ships and flee to Danny, whilst Euron asks his people to build him a huge fleet so he can chase them and go find the Dragon Queen.

dragons got

So it makes sense that they would run into each other, and whilst Euron originally wanted to marry Danny, that seems unlikely given she’s way out his league (for real) and now chilling with the two people he wants dead. A naval battle between the pair would make for an intense opening episode, especially considering in the books Euron claims to have a horn that can bind dragons to his will. That would definitely make any battle less one-sided, as we saw in the final episode of last season what dragons do to wooden boats and the men aboard them, even if Danny isn’t actually immune to fire. I don’t know if this horn will pop up in the show but regardless, it seems unlikely Danny would lose a confrontation between the pair. She’s got bigger fish to fry, and honestly, I think Euron is a bit of a sideman with no idea what he’s up against, and no real place dominating the story of Westeros. Lets hope Yara gets to look him in the eyes before the dragons burn him to a cinder.


Prediction 2) Jaime Lannister is going to kill Cersei

Now this is quite a popular idea, firstly because there’s a decent amount of evidence for it, and secondly because watching Jaime kill Cersei would be justice on a whole new kinda level.

No matter what the relationship between these two is certain to be a roller coaster ride, but chew on this for a sec: Jaime killed The Mad King because he threatened to burn down the city with wildfire, an act that has followed him ever since in the form of his informal title ‘Kingslayer’. Everyone in Westeros regards him as having no honour, the foundation of his reputation in the kings guard, a position he gave up so much to hold. Very few know the real reason he killed his King, including Cersei, the woman he loves and confides in, the mother of his children. She knows the full truth and loves him anyway.

cersei jaime got

That all makes what she does a million times worse – she knew the above but then burnt down the Sept anyway and to top it all off, her actions directly led to the death of their last surviving child. Cersei has gone into her final stage of craziness, and I think Jaime is going to be the one to finally put a stop to her insanity. Watching Jaime struggle over doing the right thing and protecting his lover would make for wicked TV, whilst he’s already shown by freeing Tyrion that he’s willing to betray his sister.


The last bit of evidence is what’s known as the Valonqar Prophecy, which states that Cersei will outlive her children and be killed by a younger brother. The show portrayed this as a flashback to her childhood, where an old witch predicted her future, and to be honest it’s held up so far. All of her kids are dead, and whilst her and Jaime are twins, he was born second, so I’m at least semi-confident that Jaime will be the one to finally give Cersei what she deserves, even if Jimmy Kimmel couldn’t.

Prediction 3) Bran is going to bring down The Wall

The incoming war with the Undead is set to be the final battle in GoT, after the comparatively petty squabble for Westeros is over and everyone has woken up to the threat.

At this point Bran is now the Three-Eyed Raven, the bad boy warg who can see the future and do other crazy stuff. He is still a kid though, and him plugging into the tree without the old guy in ‘Hold the Door’ led to everyone dying except him and Meera, including Hodor and the last Child of the Forest. Pretty dumb move on his part, especially considering now The Night King (head of the White Walkers) can follow him anywhere he goes due to the mark he left on his arm. But still, at least Hodor still has his banging DJ career.

bran got

That’s how he broke into Bran’s special treehouse, and that’s how he’s going to get past The Wall. The magic built into The Wall is pretty much a hard counter to all Undead – they can’t pass through, so the Night King is going to need magic of his own to get into Westeros proper. An alternate theory is about the Horn of Winter, which can supposedly bring down The Wall when blown, except Mance Rayder had it last and it got destroyed. Claims it was a fake could be true, but it seems unlikely the show producers would add in a whole conspiracy surrounding the Horn when Bran’s mark does the exact same thing.


Bran had better pull out all the stops when it comes to defeating the Undead – it’s his fault they killed his friends and it could easily be his fault that they make it over the wall. We’ll just have to see, but depending on Meera’s carrying skills we might be waiting a while.

Prediction 4) Arya is going to have a series of long-awaited reunions.

Arya left Westeros at the end of season 4 and has been hanging out with Jaqen H’gar, one of the faceless men, in Braavos ever since. It’s safe to say her character development has been the most dramatic out of anyone, as we’ve watched her go from slightly rebellious tomboy to trained assassin, child to adult, naive to jaded. Some explain this through a pretty insane conspiracy theory, but I don’t buy it.

Finally, after a two season long hiatus of grey corridors, corpses and detached faces, the Stark girl is back in Westeros. And not only is she back, but she’s back better and more murderous than ever before. Compared to Sansa’s experience of being passed around like a joint in GoT politics, Arya has really taken matters into her own hands, and nothing displays her new personality more than how she fed Walder Frey’s sons to him then slit his throat, demonstrating her burning desire for revenge and capacity to kill.

arya stark

This brings up the issue of how it’s going to go down when she eventually bumps into everyone she knew before her homicidal induction. At the moment she’s in the Riverlands, which is a busy place considering it’s also where Mellisandre, The Hound and the Brotherhood Without Banners are, all potentially eventful reunions, The Hound in particular. There’s also her wolf Nymeria, who she released in the show, and in the books is currently leading a giant wolf pack through the Riverlands, which is crazy in itself and certain to be emotional.


But the biggie is how she’s going to be received by Jon and Sansa, who knew her best and are sure to be most shocked by her transition. They have their own power struggle for the North going on too, so how Arya fits into that will be interesting as faceless assassins don’t make good princesses. Either way, any or all of the above meetings are set to be intense, and Arya’s evolving personality and role in the show look set to be a big part of season 7.

Prediction 5) Samwell Tarly will lowkey be the saviour of Westeros.

I actually love Samwell Tarly – he’s one of the few genuinely nice guys in the whole show. But if you think back to his introduction, when Samwell was a new character, he was essentially just the fat guy who made Jon look better in training. He became gradually more prominent, but that was only because of his friendship with Jon… he wasn’t a major player.

By season 6 he had his own arc and was arguably one of the main characters. We saw his journey home, Gilly trying to figure out what clothes were and then that super awkward dinner with his Dad. This all suggests his role in the fate of Westeros is only going to get bigger, especially considering where he is now.

samwell tarly

The Citadel in Old Town is the spiritual and intellectual capital of Westeros – it has that huge library we saw him get erect over, and is essentially the hub of all knowledge in the GoT universe. Remember that Valyrian steel sword he stole from his Dad? What could happen is that Sam finds a hidden secret or book in the library, something that tells him how to make more Valryian steel using the sword he has already.


This makes sense for a few reasons. Firstly, it’s symbolic of Sam abandoning his old house and family ties for both his friends and Gilly. It also fits in with Sam’s growing role in the show and finally, it explains why he took the sword. Why else would he do that? He can’t use it himself because, well, he’s fat and terrible at fighting, so surely if he’s running away from Daddy he doesn’t want to be chased? Taking the sword guarantees that, so I suspect it has a greater part to play than first appearances suggests. He might not have stolen it with anything in mind besides pissing off his father, but from a plot perspective the above prediction seems possible.

If Sam figures out how to make a load of Valyrian steel swords then he could be the key to beating the White Walkers, because Dragonglass aside, Valyrian steel is the only material capable of killing them. Jon’s done it a couple times now and there aren’t loads of White Walkers, so if Sam can whip up just a handful of swords, the odds of mankind prevailing are quite a bit higher, even if Conor Mcgregor won’t be about. Finally, I think everyone is generally rooting for the guy, especially considering we watched him lose his virginity.

I don’t know how many, if any, of these predictions will turn out to be right and as I said at the start, this is ‘Game of Thrones’ we’re talking about. It’s probably the most unpredictable show of all time, so I guess we just have to grin and bear it until August rolls around – maybe having a glass of this crazy ‘Game of Thrones’ wine will help.



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