We Had A Look Around Some Incel Communities And Discovered The Worst Of The Internet

It’s worse than anything you could have imagined.

You may have heard the term ‘incel’ being bandied about over the last couple years.

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It’s short for ‘involuntarily celibate’, and refers to a culture of sexless adult virgins who have grown depressed, pessimistic and resentful of the women who aren’t attracted to them (often referred to as ‘Stacys’ and ‘Beckys’) and the men who are actually capable of getting laid (often referred to as ‘Chads’).

Perhaps the most famous example is Elliott Rodger (featured image above), who went on a killing spree at the University of California in 2014 after being repeatedly turfed by every female he tried to get romantic with.

We had a look round the incel communities of Reddit and some other incel-hangouts online, and holy crap – the type of stuff these weirdos are posting is worse than anything you could have possibly imagined.


Pretty repulsive stuff right? Thankfully a very, very small minority of these losers go on to actually rape or kill, most them just spend their days feeling sorry for themselves and seeking pity from fellow incels on the internet:


Some of them also have this odd habit of creating ‘Chad’ and ‘Becky’ accounts on Tinder, which obviously leads nowhere:

Seeing a conventionally attractive man AKA a Chad in public is enough to completely ruin their day:

Fortunately, incels have worked out an ingenious tactic to improve their situations and generally make the world a better place – don’t smile at girls! That’ll show them…


Well that was some dark shit, wasn’t it?

Pretty sure we may have stumbled across a number of pre-crimes here, but let’s hope these guys get the help they need or at least if they’re going to be awful human beings for the rest of their lives, keep their vindictiveness contained within the confines of their basements.

For a grim documentary on the incel community we shared last year, click HERE.


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