There’s Now An Official Game Of Thrones Wine You Can Buy


So you can imagine that you’re Tyrion Lannister

Game Of Thrones is one of the most successful TV shows of the past decade, so it makes sense that its creators are trying to cash in on every single aspect of it.

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The latest idea they’ve devised is to create an official Game Of Thrones range of wines, so you can imagine that you’re Tyrion Lannister when you’re watching the show. To go about this, the show has decided to come to an exclusive arrangement with Vintage Wine Estates, who are developing their own line of original Game Of Thrones inspired wines, including a Chardonnay and a reserve-style Cabernet Sauvignon. Nice.


Pat Roney the President and CEO of Vintage Wine Estates had the following to say about the deal:

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Any fan of Game of Thrones appreciates the role wine plays in the saga.

We are very excited to partner with HBO to give those fans some delicious wines to sip as they plot their own paths to the Iron Throne.

Geez – does this guy want to be any more cheesy about his statements? In any case, the Game Of Thrones wines are coming and should be ready to go by the start of series 7 which is sometime next year.

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