Peaky Blinders Season 6 Production Delayed Due To Coronavirus

F you coronavirus.

Take the Premier League from us, keep us from seeing our family and friends, and leave us without toilet paper and spaghetti if you must. But taking away the greatest TV show currently going? That’s a line I thought not even coronavirus would cross.

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Indeed, production on Peaky Blinders Season 6 has been postponed today thanks to this bastard pandemic. 

Here’s the announcement earlier:

Seriously is this the darkest stretch of our whole lives or what? From people getting infected and dying to the boredom of quarantine and social distancing to world economies tanking… and now we’re not even getting new seasons of our favourite TV shows. The worst part is that the worst has yet to come!

Oh well, at least we’ve got everything else on Netflix and Amazon to plough through as we get through this tough time. Maybe it’s time to start a new series? Can finally get around to watching The Wire or any other classic show everyone else has watched that you haven’t.

If anyone’s got any recommendations, send them Cesc Fabregas’s way. He could really use them right now.


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