This Is The Most Insane Fan Theory About The End Of Breaking Bad You Will Ever Read

Breaking Bad

This could actually be real.

Breaking Bad finished over three years ago now and was universally praised for having a season finale that actually wrapped up all the storylines in a convincing and satisfactory fashion, unlike something like Lost or The Sopranos. If you’re dumb enough to click on this without having seen the finale, then you should stop reading this because there are obviously going to be spoilers below.

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However, over the years since then and after much discussion, an alternative take on the end of the show has been discovered and quite frankly it makes a lot of sense when you think about all the themes that prevailed during the show i.e. that whatever great plan Walter White comes up, it always eventually makes things worse. This obviously culminates with Walter losing his family, Hank’s death and him becoming the most wanted man in America.

In the final episode though, every loose end gets tied up and everything that Walter wants to happen actually happens, so maybe it’s all a fantasy – watch this for more evidence:

Yeah I mean, it’s a pretty convincing argument and does make a lot of sense when you think about the context of the show. However, the fact that series creator Vince Gilligan has come out and disproved it doesn’t give it that much credit, but it’s certainly a way of interpreting it, and I suppose all good series should leave us talking about them for years shouldn’t they?

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