Get Ready To Feel Utterly Disgusted: Mother Forces Her 14 Year Old Daughter To Inseminate Herself

Mother Forced Insemination on 14 Year Old Daughter

Mother who is blocked from adopting more children terrifies her daughter in to impregnating herself with sperm bought on the internet.

Mother Forced Insemination on 14 Year Old Daughter

If you keep abreast of the news it’s pretty difficult to be shocked by any one particular news item. This one hits the spot. It’s nowhere near as brutal as Syria, or as horrific as cannibalism in North Korea, but on a personal level it is very bleak indeed.

A fourteen year old virgin was forced by an overbearing adoptive mother to inseminate herself with sperm that she purchased over the internet. Why? Because the mother was not allowed to adopt any more children. The teen was too terrified of her adoptive mother to say no; she suffered a miscarriage at just fourteen but was forced to continue the insemination procedures and finally gave birth aged sixteen.

The mother had already adopted three children, all of which came from other countries, and after the courts told her she couldn’t adopt a fourth, she started this wicked game. The planning started at aged thirteen and began in earnest at fourteen. The truth only came out when the daughter gave birth at aged sixteen. Midwives noticed the pushy mother preventing the young mother and child from breast feeding, she was heard to say, “we don’t want any of that attachment thing”. The nurses finally called in child protection when the mother was seen trying to remove the baby from the ward.

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The girl in question had been too scared to go against her mother and inseminated herself with the syringes and douches that her mother prepared. The mother wanted a female baby in particular so forced the girl to endure acidic douches containing vinegar or lemon and lime juice, and stick to a particular diet, in the false belief that it could affect the baby’s gender. The young girl admitted that she was pretty shocked when her mother asked her to carry a baby for her. Well no shit! But she said “if I do this … maybe she will love me more”.

No names or details of anyone involved have been given out at this stage, but it has been ascertained that the kids are home schooled in private and the adoptive father has been kept in the dark. The mother, although she apparently seems intelligent and loving, has clearly got a screw or two loose somewhere along the line and slipped her family into involuntary isolation.

The mother had actually been reported to social services a number of times before this incident came out, but it sounds like she was intelligent enough to keep them at arms length, and when she had been investigated in the past nothing dodgy was found. Social services get a hard time for missing this stuff, but how would you ever know or guess that something that mad was going on behind those closed doors?

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