Woman Beats Up Another Woman On The Bus For Disrespecting Her Baby


This woman fights for her baby’s cause when a fellow bus passenger disses her baby. Beats the living shit out of the baby-disser like it’s a normal everyday thing.


I don’t want kids. I told my mother and she cried and slapped me about a bit, but there’s only so much I can take and when she carried on slapping after I asked her to stop, I punched her really hard in the face. It worked. She stopped slapping and went really quiet for a few minutes before getting up off the floor and running out of the house. We were cool, though, when she came back after a few days and we even laugh about it now when we’re bored and have nothing else to talk about.

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All my life I’ve never wanted kids. Cost too much money and it’s a pretty big effort raising them to be decent citizens. I’d rather spend my money on myself and use it to propel my demise through drink and the like and I really don’t get those people who’ve always wanted kids because it’s kinda sad that they’ve got no other way of leaving a legacy other than creating another human-being. Form your own business and turn it into a multi-million pound empire, invent a cure for cancer, run for Prime Minister, star in a porno, marry Zooey Deschanel (but don’t have kids), break a world record. See, there’s loads of stuff you can do other than having a kid that people will remember you for. But, I suppose the main reason I don’t want kids is that I can’t stand too much human interaction and a kid is more or less for a lifetime, and not just for Christmas, and I’d rather spend my life alone with just my thoughts and my shoes for company. I want to be that weird, lonely old man that no-one really likes.

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But this woman is completely different to me. She wanted kids (probably) because she has a kid and her lifelong goal has been achieved so she can die happy now. Another reason why she’s different to me is because she uses buses and is an angry, scary person. She seems to be that woman we all know who’s got a rep for being ‘ard as fuck and beats up tough guys for lolz.

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I’m not too sure what’s gone on before but these two women have got obvious beef with each other and, apparently, the other woman has dissed the ‘ard woman’s baby. I dunno how you can really diss a baby apart from calling it fat or ugly or telling it it’s been adopted but the other woman must have said something major as the ‘ard woman is really pissed off and vents her anger for the other passengers on the bus to hear and really doesn’t care who’s listening. True warrior. Anyway, the arguing escalates into a punch-up on the bus and everyone’s shocked and screaming and whatever but what’s worse than the two women fighting is that the ‘ard woman literally throws her baby like it’s a piece of rubbish so she can go and fight. The baby doesn’t cry, though, which shows that its mother has done it before and is training the baby to be nails, just like her beloved momma.

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