Mitt Romney Spotted At Twilight Movie

Mitt Romney

When you lose a US Presidential election, there’s only one place you can turn for comfort: The Twilight Saga.

Mitt Romney

There’s been a lot of talk about how quickly Mitt Romney has vanished from the public eye following his loss to Barack Obama in the Presidential election a couple of weeks ago – we even did a post here on Sick Chirpse about how his Facebook profile was declining in likes at a crazy rapid rate – but he’s finally turned up and it’s at one of the dumbest places you could possibly imagine if turning up. Although maybe that’s not entirely true because he is Mitt Romney and it seems like dumb is his middle name and he’s associated with a lot of dumb stuff, you know, like his election campaign. So where was it?

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It was at a Twilight movie with his wife of course, somewhere in California called Del Mar which is near one of his houses in some other place in California called La Jolla. They sound like nice areas. Anyway, yeah Mitt Romney is a big fan of Twilight apparently so it isn’t really that much of a surprise that he was at the screening although it is pretty lolz. Apparently he saw his granddaughter reading it and thought it looked like ‘a lot of fun’ so gave it a read and became a big fan, although that story just kind of reeks of him trying to get teenage goth girls to vote fro him. Heads up dude, that’s the wrong demographic and probably why you lost the election. Also, I don’t know if it was that smart a move either because I don’t think I would want my President sitting around reading books about vampires when he should be busy ‘fixing America’ like Romney said he was going to do. I mean that sounds like a pretty big job, I dunno if he would have time to do it if he was reading the Twilight saga all the time too.

Romney was allegedly really nice at the screening, and then he and his wife and two unidentified young men (I guess they might have been vampires or something?) went over and got pizza somewhere and Romney was really nice again and got his picture taken with a bunch of people who probably weren’t Republicans but were stoked to see a celebrity, which was kind of nice of him. Nice don’t get you into the White House though, and to be honest this is probably going to be the last time we mention Mitt Romney here on Sick Chirpse because I can’t see him doing anything remotely interesting or funny ever again. Here’s a grainy picture of him and his wife from the screening that TMZ assures us is actually them. See ya Mitt!

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