New Map Shows Which Countries Last The Longest In Bed

Finally, the new mobile app Spreadsheets reckons it’s cracked the mystery of which nationality lasts longest in bed.

A mobile app called Spreadsheets claims to be the authority on sexual data as it logs the length and effectiveness of your sexual performance. Not sure how it can do that accurately but hey I don’t know everything about technology so for the sake of this article we’ll roll with it.

As such, Spreadsheets has created a map of the world which tells us how long each nationality lasts in bed on average, and you can see the results of this below. Apparently every single nation in the world lasts an average of three minutes in the sack, which kind of makes me feel a bit better about some of the times I had sex when I was at university, although I’m not sure it’s entirely believable!?

To be fair the sample size is fairly low in real terms (13,500 users in 133 countries) but I mean come on, this just can’t be right can it? I guess the only explanation would be that everyone who uses Spreadsheets is completely lame in bed and doesn’t really know what they’re doing and/or suffers from premature ejaculation, and this would kind of fit in with the sort of people that you would expect to use a mobile app to monitor the length and effectiveness of their sexual performance.

Still you can check out the map below and draw your own conclusions. If you’re Australian then you’re probably going to love it, if you’re from the UK like I imagine most of you are, probably not.

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