A Couple Of Dudes Were Turned Away From Miller & Carter Steakhouse For Being Dressed Too Chavvy

As if there’s a dress code at Miller & Carter.

I’ve never really understood places with dress codes and didn’t really think they were still a thing and thought that they would be even less of a concept at a place like Miller and Carter Steakhouse, but apparently this third rate ‘posh’ steakhouse actually enforces one and doesn’t eat people in because of it.

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We know this because 27 year old David Fulton was planning to head to the Maidenhead branch for a meal on Saturday night with his mate to celebrate the purchase of a new car – any excuse hey? – but despite both of them phoning the restaurant to check what they were wearing was suitable, they ended up being turned away. Here’s what David had to say about his experience:

We’d driven past [the restaurant] a number of times and we like to try out new places to eat out.

We noted that they had a dress code and, to make absolutely sure we weren’t in any violation of this, both placed individual calls to the restaurant to confirm this.

My friend described his exact outfit and the gentleman on the other end confirmed that it was absolutely fine.

We drove up on the day and got into the restaurant foyer. The woman at the front desk asked if we had a reservation and I confirmed. She then hesitated to give us a menu and called over a gentleman colleague.

They both started murmuring to each other whilst physically looking us up and down, paying particular attention to my friends clothing and tattoos. Whilst doing this, the gentleman used the word ‘chavvy’ to describe, I assume, our clothing.

The woman then looked at the sign to her left which stated the dress code, looked at me and, patronisingly, asked if I had ‘read the dress code’, to which we explained we called twice to confirm this.

They categorically refused to address the conduct of their staff and only reiterated their dress code, which did not exclusively prohibit any of the clothing me and my friend were wearing,

If I wasn’t working from home and had turned up straight from work in my office, there would have been no hesitation to seat us. I can’t understand why our money, that we were willing to spend, seemed to not be good enough due to our not-at-all shabby appearance.

In the end we went to Fido’s Bistro which was very accommodating and fantastic.

Yeah, I gotta say that I find it absolutely hilarious that Miller and Carter steakhouses won’t let people in because of the way they’re dressed. The whole establishment is such a try hard spot and the fact that they actively turn people away for wearing shorts and having tattoos just makes it fall even lower in my estimation. Dress codes just seem so unnecessary in 2020, it’s crazy to me that places are still enforcing them.

Hopefully I’ll never have to attend any of them ever again. Would much rather check out Fido’s Bistro after David’s review.

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