Driver Plays Porn On London Train After Accidentally Leaving Microphone On (VIDEO)



A train driver made an absolute blunder last week when he accidentally left the microphone live while enjoying a bit of porn on his phone. Whoops!

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Although Railway bosses have since apologised for the mistake, I don’t think they need to worry – judging by the footage taken of the moment it all went down, it looks like the passengers welcomed the hilarity of it all. It certainly added a bit of excitement to an otherwise mundane journey from Wandsworth Town to Clapham Junction.

As you’ll see in the video, which was posted to Twitter, the commuters are cracking up as the moans and groans are broadcasted across the train’s carriages.

South Western Railway, which runs the service, immediately apologised for the mishap and launched an “investigation”:

South Western Railway has a policy of blocking inappropriate material, including pornographic websites, on its onboard and station Wi-Fi services.

We are investigating this incident to establish how this material was broadcast on our service.

Today’s incident is wholly unacceptable and we apologise to customers.

As said, they really didn’t need to apologise – everyone saw the funny side, particularly the online community. Here are just some of the comments made about the video online:

Reminds me of the times when a driver would finish his shift and announce ‘Sorry for the delay to your journey, Ladies and Gentlemen, I’m just waiting for another driver to relieve me’.

Where did he ‘get off’? Cockfosters? or St. John’s Wood?

And a personal fave:

Thomas the Wank Engine.

Well done internet – you can sit down now.

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