Playboy Models Arrested And Forced To Beg For Food In Mexican Jail While Partying

Playboy Bunnies Detained

Even Playgirls aren’t above the law.

You would think that if you were a Playboy model you could probably go pretty much anywhere in the world and be treated like royalty, but you would be wrong – seems like they can’t even turn up to their own parties without having to deal with beef judging by the story below.

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Playboy bunnies Lauryn Elaine, Elif Celik and Marie Brethenoux were sipping on champagne at Playboy’s music festival in Merida when Mexican police stormed the venue and arrested them. The row was over work permits, but the three of them had offered to work the event for free so their arrest was completely unjustified.

Lauryn explains what happened:

Around midnight, immigration came and busted into our party when all of us girls were sitting at our VIP tables enjoying champagne and music.

They then rounded us up into a large room and weeded us all out by checking everyone’s IDs.

Elif elaborated on this by saying the following:

We do not get paid for these events so we were wrongfully taken because they abused their authority and thought they could shake down Playboy Mexico by taking us.

We came to Mexico to celebrate each other’s company and to gain publicity with our fans by coming to these parties in Meridá and Cancun.

They forced us to beg for food and water whilst we were being detained for absolutely no reason. The Mexican authorities are an absolute joke.

The three of them were eventually released but weren’t happy about their treatment, posting the following on Instagram:

I suppose you would be pretty angry about being detained in a foreign country and then being treated like absolute shit when there wasn’t even a problem. Can’t really blame these girls for getting angry and wanting to raise awareness about this issue. Fair play to them I suppose, keep on keeping on. Screw corrupt Mexican cops.

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