VIDEO: Biggest Game Of Jenga Ever Played With Excavators

Giant Jenga Robot

This takes Giant Jenga to the next level.

Remember when you were a kid and you would play Jenga and it was a real fun time? And then when you got slightly older you ran into Giant Jenga and it was an even better time?

Well, this is the natural progression of that and it’s pretty much insane. You have to admire the skill with how they operate the excavators, as it can’t be easy to learn how to move Jenga pieces around like that without toppling the tower immediately.

It’s also worth thinking about how the hell they even made a Giant Jenga tower like that in the first place.

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Having watched the video though isn’t it kind of weird how it’s advertising the diggers but they still let the Jenga tower fall!? Surely they should just make a sick Jenga structure if they want to highlight how sick the diggers themselves are at moving stuff around. Puzzling.

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